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We offer EVERY customer access to ALL the capabilities of our platform, regardless of size. No upgrades, no expensive packages, just use what you need!

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Intelligent Call Routing

Whether it's forwarding calls to your mobile when you're out of the office or sending calls to different destinations based on the time of day, you have the total flexibility as to how calls are routed through your business.


There is no limit to the amount of personalised voicemail boxes you can configure. We offer access to your voicemails via the phone, receive them by email or listen via our secure online web portal.

Hold Music

Either choose from our selection of pre-defined hold music or customise with your own music or marketing messages to maximise the potential selling opportunities to your customers.

Call Screening

If there are specific destinations or number prefixes that you want to block then you can acheive this via screening rules on a per-user basis. Alternatively, you can block international or premium rate numbers as a company-wide policy with an optional override code for senior staff.

Call Recording

If you need to solve a customer complaint, monitor your agents' phone manner or sales technique, or simply listen back to that phone number you wrote down wrong, this is an essential tool to have at your disposal.

Call Reporting

With our reporting software you can quickly and easily tell how your agents are performing or whether target answer times are being met. Reports can be tailored to your needs to provide the statistics to drive your business forward and ensure you are maximising sales potential.

Virtual Switchboard (IVR)

Fully customisable prompts can be used to capture information from your customers and route calls effectively to their required destination. Information captured during the lifecycle of the auto attendant can be presented to your agents upon answering the call.

Call Centre

Our call centre package comes with all the features you would expect from expensive enterprise solutions. This includes the ability for workers to log in to queues from home or a remote office location. For more detailed information on all the features available in this module please get in touch and speak with one of our team today.


You can use your mobile phone as if you were in the office at your desk phone. Take your calls with you when you are on the move so that you don't miss potential business opportunities and even make calls presenting your company phone number. You can also connect from any VoIP phone or PC softphone in any location in the world - whether you're at home or abroad, all you need is internet access.


Whether it's for internal staff members to get together and discuss the latest project or to have a progress meeting with customers, you can create your own pin-protected conference bridges from our easy-to-use web interface. There is no theoretical limit to the number of conference participants.


Do you still need to send & receive faxes but don't want the bulky fax machine and the reams of paper? Our fax-to-email feature means that you can receive faxes to your inbox and send via email without ever needing to replace an ink cartridge or even get up from your desk!

Ring Groups

Configure simultaneous or sequential ring groups for an unlimited number of extensions, both locally and remote. Calls can be configured to overflow to any destination if the call is not answered within a certain time.


Our Click-to-Call API gives you the ability to initiate a call from within your CRM system, email client or web browser - allowing you to quickly and effectively dial your contacts without the possibility of misdials.

IM and presence support

Send messages between users and see who is on the phone or who is available in your company at any time and from anywhere in the world. In an environment where you regularly transfer calls between users, you can see if the user is already on a call and also enables you to pass important information about the caller to the recipient so they can effectively handle the call.


Do you have something more bespoke in mind? Not a problem, contact one of our technical experts today and discuss your requirements. Our systems are extremely flexible so there is almost nothing we can't cater for. We understand every customer is different and therefore we often don't charge extra for bespoke configurations. Get in touch today, we'd love to hear your challenge!